Top 20 NuGet Sdk Packages

A .NET Library to talk to JetBrains YouTrack.
Acrolinx .NET SDK for Sidebar Integration
Common assembly for Microsoft Dynamics CRM development.
Alibaba Cloud SDK for C#
Alibaba Cloud SDK for C#
Barcode Professional SDK for .NET Standard can be used for adding advanced barcode image generation to any .NET Framework, .NET CORE, ASP.NET (legacy & Core), Xamarin, Mono or UWP applications. Features: - Linear, Postal & 2D Barcode Symbologies - Generate barcode images in many formats like PNG, JP...
An open source implementation of the Facebook Graph API for WinRT to allow developers to integrate Facebook Login, Dialogs, and Graph requests into their Universal apps. Supports apps written in XAML + C++/C# for Windows 10
IPP .NET SDK for OAuth2 is a set of .NET classes that make it easier to make Oauth2 calls. Refer more details on the lib dependencies here- .Net Framework 4.6.1 Newtonsoft.Json (>=11.0.2)
Official release of Baidu AI( SDK, including Speech, Face, NLP, OCR, ImageClassify etc.
The PayPal Core SDK addresses the essential needs of the PayPal API caller: Frequent and up-to-date releases: The PayPal Core SDK is available on NuGet, which translates as immediate SDK refreshes upon updates to PayPal APIs. Simpler configuration: The PayPal Core SDK supports dynamic configuration....
Mandae API Client. Mandaê is an intermediate order delivery company. It mediates between e-commerce and various freight companies, offering the lowest price and providing an API to schedule pick-ups and track deliveries from the vendor's distribution center to delivery to the end consumer.
Gorilla Player provides instant XAML preview for Xamarin Forms.
This is the Magic: The Gathering SDK C# .NET implementation. It is a wrapper around the MTG API of
The Dial Once Android SDK
Abstract interface to implement any kind of basic storage services (e.g. Azure, Amazon AWS S3, Google Cloud, FileSystem (Local), Kvpbase). It supports various storage providers and implements many advanced features. You can also write your own and extend it also extend existing providers. ...
DEPRECATED (drops support for this package) This client library enables working with the Kvpbase Blob service for storing binary/blob data. A very simple Wrapper for the Kvpbase to handle bucket instantiations. A library to abstract storing files to Kvpbase. Wrapper library is ju... SDK for .NET
NCache is an extremely fast and scalable in-memory distributed cache that removes performance bottlenecks related to data storage and databases. NCache lets you cache your application data for different .NET applications. This NCache SDK 4.9.1 NuGet package is a complete package for using NCac...
微信公众账号 - Redis 模块 Senparc.Weixin SDK 开源项目:
You can write logs from your custom applications that use agents, custom pages, and event handlers. To capture the data that meets your debugging needs, you can change properties captured for the logged events. You can also change the logging level and configure logging to log only for a specific ap...