Top 20 NuGet saas Packages

.NET library for
SaasKit is a developers toolkit for building SaaS (Software As A Service) applications. Use this package to add multi-tenancy support to ASP.NET MVC.
Common utilities typical MVC5 applications use. Multi-tenancy not assumed.
A cross-platform framework that is used to build Software-As-a-Service (SaaS) apps. This is useful for building mult-tenant and multi-company apps.
In-app licensing and billing solution for Windows Forms. Licensario gives you the ability to work in a SaaS pricing mode (subscriptions and pay-per-use) with the simplest integration - just 1 line of code per licensed feature. Because everything happens inside your app, your user gets excellent buyi...
Coralogix SDK for .NET
SDK for working with managed APIs and connections hosted in Azure App Service. Azure App Service platform abstracts different SaaS providers and makes easy to work with them with common contract.
Coralogix NLog target Appender
SaaS-Plugins is a C# project that deals with the runtime code compilation and management of plugin assemblies across multiple AppDomains while allowing for recompiles without restarting the controlling application.
Official .NET client for working with BadgeUp, a user engagement and gamification service.
Package Description
Library of common utilities for typical .NET applications. Contains useful extensions to .NET types, basic caching infrastructure that can be handy, utilities for config file, app domain, async task helper and more. Multi-tenancy not assumed.