Top 20 NuGet restful Packages

DataServices Core Assembly
A SuperAPI client.
.Net library for strongly typed access to REST Api's
A powerfull library for Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
visualize REST requests,the way to share rest api
A Simple HTTP Client for C# (UWP)
RESTful base client that can call any RESTful API. Supports the HTTP verbs GET, POST and PATCH. Deals with the HTTP status code 200, 201, 204, 300, 301, 302, 303, 305, 307, 400, 404, 409, 500 and 502. [covered by 60+ tests]
Simple.HttpPatch implementation for .NET to easily allow & apply partial REST-ful service (through Web API) Restful API assembly
A library that contains several base entities and interfaces that is used by eef-api-instructions package
A simple set of classes for building sync/async RESTful API clients
Surfdude dynamically drives really RESTful APIs. This package just contains abstractions and parts for building a Surfdude API client. Please search for Surfdude client packages that work with specific media-types.
Surfdude dynamically drives really RESTful APIs. This package works with APIs that return SimpleJson.
It allows you to consume an API easily, passing the URL, indicating the type of data gets the result of the call. Handles GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE with variations for data types when calling the method and receiving the response. I currently use it in my personal projects and wanted to share it fo...
A client library and SDK for Swedbank Pay's RESTful API Platform