Top 20 NuGet relational Packages

Fast Relational DB scalable caching. Multiple DB loaders.
.NET Persistence API (also called NPersistence or NPA) is a ORM framework which also enables entity mapping useing annotations!! The project is based on JAVA's JPA and offers applications to use a standard API for their ORM operations. In this package, NPA is implemented by NHibernate. This package ...
Generate a data access layer for your SQL Server database for use with the King.Mapper framework.
A simple, lightweight, Nano-ORM for .NET
A highly optimized, C# object relational database for .NET 4.6, Xamarin Android, Xamarin iOS, Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 (UWP)
Extensions and conventions for Relational Entity Framework Core configuration using FluentModelBuilder
This is a helper library that is used by many other xSkrape components.
GIS Computational Geometry library ported from the open sourced ESRI geometry library (this branch supplies the automated build of this library: All relational operators from ESRI's computational geometry lib...
Abstract base class for SQLite repositories.
Relational abstractions for Byndyusoft.Data.Relational. Commonly Used Types: Byndyusoft.Data.Relational.IDbSession Byndyusoft.Data.Relational.QueryObject Byndyusoft.Data.Relational.DbSessionConsumer
Relational database default implementation for Byndyusoft.Data.Relational.
Provider for Microsoft EntityFramework Core in Chakra.Core framework
This library is designed for generic architecture based on mongodb. It can be used relationally because it has mapping feature. So, can make relational queries with defined rules.
Adds System.Diagnostics.DiagnosticSource diagnostics suport to DbConnection. Commonly Used Types: Microsoft.Data.Diagnostics.DiagnostingExtensions Microsoft.Data.Diagnostics.DbDiagnosticObserver
Configuration-less object-relational mapper for SQL Server and SQL Server CE
A light, simple, flexible, open source and generally awesome micro ORM.
Provides CRUD wrappers around the Dapper Micro-ORM, and SQL generation for Selects built from C# expression trees. Built from a fork of Dapper.Contrib