Top 20 NuGet redis Packages

AnyCache .Net and .Net Core Redis caching provider.
Newtonsoft.JsonNet serializer provider for DataStore
Wrapper for StackExchange.Redis client with chunking extensions, sliding expiration and other features.
Library to establishing connection with redis.
ASP.Net Core MCV API library to manage queues hosted by redis. Contain MVC API to manage queues
Custom Log4Net appender to push log messages to a Redis Stream
Distributed cache implementation of Microsoft.Extensions.Caching.Distributed.IDistributedCache using Redis. Change StackExchange.Redis.StroneName to StackExchange.Redis
Free and Open Source fork of NServiceKit.Redis V3 C# Redis Client for the worlds fastest distributed NoSQL datastore. Byte[], String and POCO Typed clients. Thread-Safe Basic and Pooled client managers included.
Senparc.Weixin.Cache.Redis.RedLock 模块 redlock-cs 开源项目: Senparc.Weixin SDK 开源项目:
Distributed cache implementation of Microsoft.Extensions.Caching.Distributed.IDistributedCache using ServiceStack.Redis.Core
Redis integration for Stove.
Redis backed ASP.NET providers written in C# using StackExchange.Redis. Includes OutputCacheProvider and SessionStateStoreProvider.
This package allow to invalidate local memory cache items with the help of StackExchange.Redis.
Start Redis from .NET for integration tests. Contains redis runtime embedded in the dll.
A generic cache mechanism that provides config switching between memory, ASP.NET web, AppFabric, memcached and redis cache mechasnisms. Supports advanced features such as cache dependencies and also fully supports AppFabric and redis within Azure. This package contains example code, configurati...
CSRedis is a .NET client for Redis and Sentinel
Este pacote contém os assemblies satélites em Português-BR para o ASP.NET SignalR Redis.
Этот пакет содержит русские вспомогательные сборки для ASP.NET SignalR Redis.
Bu paket ASP.NET SignalR Redis için Türkçe uydu derlemelerini içerir.