Top 20 NuGet rpc Packages

C# implementation of gRPC based on native gRPC C-core library.
gRPC C# Authentication Library
A simple C# async TCP server and client with integrated framing for reliable transmission and receipt of data
Proxy generation for client Fable apps targeting F# server-side apps using Fable.Remoting
Shared Server Utilities for Fable.Remoting
gRPC and Protocol Buffer compiler for managed C# and native C++ projects. Add this package to a project that contains .proto files to be compiled to code. It contains the compilers, include files and project system integration for gRPC and Protocol buffer service description files necessary to buil...
Giraffe-Fable adapter that generates routes for shared server spec with a Fable client. Client must use Fable.Remoting.Client
gRPC C# Surface API
gRPC meta-package for ASP.NET Core
Metapackage for gRPC C#
gRPC support for ASP.NET Core
HttpClientFactory integration the for gRPC .NET client
HttpClientFactory integration the for gRPC .NET client when running in ASP.NET Core
Infrastructure for common functionality in gRPC
.NET client for gRPC
A cross-platform .NETStandard library that implements the JSON-RPC wire protocol and can use System.IO.Stream, System.IO.Pipelines or WebSocket so you can use it with any transport.
Automatic discovery of services for Grpc.Reflection
Key Value Database, Wrapped Dynamic IL generation with debugging + extensions, IOC Container, Object Database, RPC Library, Snappy Compression, Event Storage
Nethereum JsonRpc.Client core library to use in conjunction with either the JsonRpc.RpcClient, the JsonRpc.IpcClient or other custom Rpc provider
gRPC-Web support for ASP.NET Core