Top 20 NuGet protobuf Packages

Plug into your code to get protoBuf serialization with no code changes in WCF and minimal changes in WebAPI. Increases throughput by upto 20x depending upon the size of the packet, bigger the packet more the benefit.
StackExchange.Redis.Extensions is a library that extends StackExchange.Redis allowing you a set of functionality needed by common applications. This implementation is based on protobuf-net
A simple and configurable, in-memory message bus for message based event driven applications.
Pokemon Go Protobuf classes maintained by HelloKitty on Github.
Protobuf serializer to be used with the White Rabbit library
The model interfaces of MowaInfo Protocol Buffer Socket. It's a partial of MowaInfo.ProtoSocket.
Born out of need to test ideas quickly with reflection based serializer. Smuggle any message inside Google.Protobuf message.
A .NET library to automatically setup protobuf serializations on types without the need to use attributes
An adapter for the TagCache.Redis library's Protobuf serializer and Autoprotobuf.
The wrappers and extensions methods for protobuf
The protobuf serializer for Zaaby.Cache.RedisProvider
Protobuf formatters for core
Persistence framework build on top of protobuf-net
A pack of serializers implemented using a standard interface
A parser for .proto files for Protocol Buffers.
A library providing tools for parsing and describing protocol buffers messages in a binary format from .NET code.
Nimbus serializer implemented with Protocol Buffers
A serialization library for Protocol Buffers.
Pokemon Go shared types maintained by HelloKitty on Github.