Top 20 NuGet portable Packages

A OAuth2 based library for Xamarin.Forms platforms.
Provides barcode scanning capabilities to your Crosslight apps.
Provides high-performance, async image loading capabilities to your Crosslight apps, featuring smart queue, smooth animation, and various cache options.
Provides report viewer components for Crosslight development, featuring seamless integration with Intersoft ClientUI Reporting Server.
Deveel Math is the port to .NET/Mono of the Apache Harmony Math component, that is used to handle operations on big numbers in a fast and secure way. This package supports the Portable Class Library (PCL) model.
File system for portable FTP server
A .NET Standard library for the Dark Sky weather API.
Enables ASP to read content files (e.g. .css, .js, .aspx) stored as embedded resources in referenced assemblies. This core package contains only an assembly, see also EmbeddedResourceVirtualPathProvider with bootstrap code for seamless integration into your app.
An MSBuild SDK package for SDK-style .NET projects that has additional targets and properties which extends `Microsoft.NET.Sdk`.
Automatically save application state in WinForms, simple 'About' box with app infos, make app settings portable.
Provides powerful yet lightweight logging functionality to your Crosslight apps. Supports all client and server platforms.
Provides seamless logging integration to Microsoft Azure Insights service, including page view and error logs. Supports all client and server platforms.
Provides end-to-end push messaging functionality to your Crosslight apps. Supports iOS, Android and Windows for the client platforms and .NET 4.5 for the server platforms.
Provides ethernet and bluetooth connectivity services for Crosslight development.
Revolutionize your MVVM. Compose and connect properties, reuse property patterns, and make your presentation logic code concise, predictable, and less error-prone. Make your async VMs portable.
A Portable/Universal Class Library wrapper around Bing's location geocoding Rest services
A simple portable async REST client
A portable http rest client using dynamic objects for data transfer and endpoint url construction
Portable Class Library (PCL) Version of the CivicAddress, GeoCoordinate and GeoPosition classes in the System.Device.Location namespace of the .NET framework. SDK for modern .NET platforms.