Top 20 NuGet pool Packages

Smart Thread Pool, implemented in .NET
A generic, concurrent, portable and flexible Object Pool for the .NET Framework. It is completely based on the Code Project article of Ofir Makmal ( Library is production ready and it is successfully working in real life systems. Original source code has been modified, in order...
A light weight and thread safe generic object pool. For more information please visit:
When you request buffer of size N from `System.Buffers.MemoryPool<T>` returns `IMemoryOwner<T>` which can hold `Memory<T>` at least N elements. That proves to be a problem in some scenarios like passing serialized data back to your users. You need to pass them one more field: actual length of data. ...
Compress/Decompress with QuickLz with less allocations
This is a socket framework based on C # net standard2.0 write, can be used for .NET Framework / dotnet core assembly, can run in window (IOCP) / linux (epoll) .Use asynchronous connection, asynchronous send, asynchronous receive, Performance burst tables, and pass the stress test.
Pool of unmanaged Span<byte> values
A generic, concurrent, portable and flexible Object Pool for the .NET Framework. This package contains an adapter for Microsoft.Extensions.ObjectPool abstraction.
EF Collection Pool Repository
Associative collection like usual Dictionary<K, V>, but with comparer type preserved instead of hiding behind the interface. Enables devirtualization of calls to the key comparer. Enables reusing instances of inner array of entries via ArrayPool<T>.Shared. Provides ToFictionary() extension methods w...
Very simple plugin to refresh the Application Pool for the site from an Umbraco developer section dashboard. This plugin just creates an AppSetting key that stores a date. When the refresh button is clicked the AppSetting key value is updated with the current date and time. So it is just simpley tou...
Typedarray Pool (typedarray-pool) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Easy-to-use async resource pool for streams operating on sockets.
A very simple HttpClient Pool implementation for .net/xamarin.
EF Reference Pool Functionality
EF Entity Pool Repository
Specific COAM integration for the Fulfiller Enablement team.
Tedious Connection Pool (tedious-connection-pool) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.