Top 20 NuGet plugin Packages

SiteServer CMS IP定位拦截插件能够根据IP地址阻止不需要的访问者访问网站。
PayPal PlugIn for Xamarin.Forms.
Take or pick photos and videos from a cross platform API.
Plugin for xamarin applications
Microsoft Azure ServiceBus attachment plugin
This package contains a small coop game for one to two players, controlled with mouse / keyboard and gamepads. Recommended to play with stereo audio at full volume.
This package contains a sample Scene for handling audio using SoundEmitters, and another one for handling it manually using code.
This package contains an object-based game menu sample with a custom Font, multiple menu pages and simple color animations.
This package contains a sample Scene that uses some very basic shaders to render sprites.
This package contains a testbed for camera controller Components and various sample implementations.
This package contains a testbed for user input handling.
This package implements a custom Particle System in Duality and showcases its functionality in a sample Scene.
This package contains a simple implementation of a commonly known casual game.
Defines core Resources and Components for using tilemaps with Duality.
Introduces a Steering Agent Component that allows for objects to evade each other.
Introduces a naive implementation of dynamic lighting Components.
Update properties of multiple attributes in one action
Non-standard Extensions (utilities) to Xamarin-Auth (refresh-token)
Edit code attributes of Microsoft Portals records
This package contains a testbed for RigidBody physics simulation, showing various aspects of their configuration and interaction.