Top 20 NuGet openid Packages

OpenID Connect & OAuth 2.0 client library
Auth0 .NET SDK
ASP.NET Core authentication middleware for OpenID 2.0 providers.
Auth0 .NET SDK
Auth0 .NET SDK
OpenID Connect & OAuth 2.0 client library for ASP.NET Core
OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 Framework for ASP.NET Core
EntityFramework persistence layer for IdentityServer4
HealthChecks.OpenIdConnectServer is the health check package for OpenIdConnect servers
EntityFramework persistence layer for IdentityServer4
ASP.NET Core Identity Integration for IdentityServer4
Storage interfaces and models for IdentityServer4
Adds OpenId Auth Providers for use in ServiceStack Web and REST Services. Includes built-in support for Google, Yahoo, MyOpenId and Custom OpenId providers. More Info on Auth Providers:
Access token validation middleware for JWT and reference tokens issued by IdentityServer3.
MembershipReboot support for IdentityServer3
ASP.NET Identity support for IdentityServer3 repackaged as a dll client library, preventing the addition of volatile source code to the destination project
A library to add OAuth2 security to a COFRS REST Service
IdentityServer is a framework and a hostable component that allows implementing single sign-on and access control for modern web applications and APIs using protocols like OpenID Connect and OAuth2. It supports a wide range of clients like mobile, web, SPAs and desktop applications and is extensible...
Adds additional OAuth providers for OWIN to use with ASP.NET