Top 20 NuGet odata Packages

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Package Description
AutoQueryable add auto querying functionality like OData with best url practices to Asp.Net Core.
documentfilter for OData.
Basic setup for OData url building with builder pattern. Make it easier to consume OData.
Works around an issue where the Microsoft OData stack, fails to Patch Entity Types, as this is not part of the specs to be implemented.
Enables server-side filtering, sorting and pagination of any IQueryable<T> using OData syntax and without needing an EDM model.
Runs MS CRM request via odata services using same interface as MS Crm SDK
ASP.NET MVC Core Hosting for Restier
The RESTier EntityFramework Provider contains classes to access data sources exposed with Entity Framework library. This package contains original RESTier Entity Framework Core provider from Microsoft retargeted for .NET Standard 1.1
The package contains the OData Migration extension that enables an Asp.Net Core service to serve OData v3 requests
Simple Binding that enables dynamic filtering on your webapi via url on NetFramework
This package contains the abstract codes you need to create OData v3 client.
This package contains the codes you need to create OData client.