Top 20 NuGet monad Packages

Try monad
Provides a functional fluent syntax for C# based apps
An implementation of Monad in C#. For use as a DTO in personal projects. Provides a simple data transform and DTO for return value guarantee.
A library for managing program fault-points. Use static types to propagate errors, reduce vulnerable code, and design functional systems
Extensions to the ResultMonad package. For more information see
Maybe monad implementation for C# with query syntax support.
Functional extensions for .NET
Functional and collection extensions, basic algebraic data types influenced by FP
Common functionality which can be used in FSharp projects. The library exposes active patterns for comparison operations, numerals, strings. It has a Result monad and its builder for computation expressions.
Package Description
Monad structures. Try (recovering exceptions).
Contains core monad implementations including Maybe and Either for general use.
A monads package for C#
Monads for easy and compact error handling with Railway Oriented Programming.
Function programming goodness: algebraic structures, Maybe, Either, Unit, State, Writer, Functor, Monad, Monoid, and more.
An Option monad for C# with LINQ support and rich fluent syntax.
The Try monad (Error/Exceptional monad) for C# with LINQ support and rich fluent syntax.