Top 20 NuGet migration Packages

.NET Standard compliant SQL Migration Library
A .NET Core Global Tool to deploy changes to SQL databases using DbUp.
Simple tool to migrate data.
Set of extension methods representing a lightweight orm and a migration framework, for use with Dapper.
Allow to use Entity Framework 5 with PostgreSQL
EFAutomation is a convention based extension library for Entity Framework to automate several tasks currently cumbersome to do. It allows developers to create an Entity Framework based Context without having to specify each entity by putting it as DbSet<> as property.
A migration helper from ClickOnce to Squirrel.Windows.
Dirtybase is a persistence version/migration command line tool. Dirtybase will compare version files in a folder to the version of a data store, then apply the version files in order to migrate the data store to the latest version. This is useful for keeping data stores on different environments up ...
Toolkit for configuring Entity Framework to work with PostgreSQL database using Npgsql.
Framework to enable db migrations with an attempt at a generic, point-n-deploy DbUp-incorporated schema maintenance tool.
Database migration runner based around using NPoco
A simply tool to facility TDD in database migration using FluentMigrator.
Rather than using the automatic migration provided by EntityFramework, with EFScriptableMigration you can run your own scripts written manl and manually embedded in your assemblies
SQLiteMigrations is a .NET Portable Class Library (PCL) to enable database schema management for SQLitePCL.raw built on top of SQLitePCL.pretty.
Provide clean names (ie .sql filename and .cs classname WITHOUT namespace and folder path included) for DbUp migration scripts and classes (embedded and filesystem) with namespace removed to futureproof refactoring and relocation of script files. Inspired by my own experience where refactorin...
Implementation of migration context of DbMigrator for Npgsql
Simple migration for databases on .NET
DotNetMigrations is a database migration framework that assists in managing and versioning database hanges. It was originally designed as a straight port of the rails functionality located in the Ruby on Rails framework; however, it has since grown wings and taken its own path in several areas.
Command tool for generating managing and running database migrations
The WF Migration Kit helps users migrate WF3 (System.Workflow) artifacts to WF4 (System.Activities).