Top 20 NuGet microsoft Packages

Build tasks and targets for running tests with Test Platform
The cross platform Microsoft Test Platform.
This package provides FabricTransport to be used as the communication mechanism for Service Fabric microservices. This package is intended to be used by other official Microsoft ServiceFabric packages only.
This package provides Diagnostics functionality to be used by Service Fabric Actors and Service framework. This package is intended to be used by other official Microsoft ServiceFabric packages only.
Visual Studio client side APIs for interacting with a Language Server Protocol enabled server.
This package contains the interfaces required by Service Fabric's ReliableCollections APIs.
This client library provides access to the Microsoft Cognitive Services Face APIs.
This package contains assemblies required by Service Fabric's ReliableCollections APIs.
Provides management capabilities for Front Door services.
Redis messaging backplane for scaling out of ASP.NET SignalR applications in a web-farm.
Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) is a powerful logging mechanism built into the Windows OS and is used extensively in Windows. You can also log ETW events yourself code using the System.Diagnostics.Tracing.EventSource class. The TraceEvent library conains the classes needed to control E...
Contains targets and tools to enable the building of managed VSIX projects without VSSDK MSI installed. Only for VS 2015 and onwards.
This package contains the reference assemblies required to build a Service Fabric service.
This package contains the common Actor Framework APIs for building and connecting to reliable services on Microsoft Service Fabric.
This package provides the necessary MSBuild files that support Service Fabric Application projects.
Provides management capabilities for Network services.
This package provides AspNetCore Kestrel based communication listener for Service Fabric microservices.
Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit Libraries, GPU Build
This package contains the full set of binaries for the Visual Studio Test Platform (vstest). It provides a modern, cross platform testing engine that powers the testing on .NET Core as well. It integrates with popular test frameworks like MSTest(v1 and v2), xUnit and Nunit with support for extensibi...