Top 20 NuGet mvc5 Packages

This package adds the ability to look at all the mvc 5 attribute based routes applied throughout your application. After installing the package just run your mvc 5 application, and visit "attribute-based-routes". That is, if your application is running at port 1234, you would have to...
MVC5 Templates is a revised version of the MVC5 Controller with views, using Entity Framework T4 templates that ship with MVC5. MVC5 Templates are slightly more opinionated, make a couple more assumptions and hence, are able to do a bit more for you
Razor view engine with support for adding themes to an MVC application.
Razor view engine with support for adding themes to an MVC application.
Helper with Asp.Net MVC 5 Razor engine with Google reCaptcha
A very simple implementation of Identity using OWIN
DD4T MVC5 Support
ViewDataDictionary extensions for strong-type view configuration
Basic error handling components for a MVC5 application
Wanna check if the current user is an ADMINISTRATOR just by putting [AdminChecker] above anything (controller, method, action, etc.)?. If he's (or she) not an Administrator it sends him back to login page (or wherever you decide). Well, this little thing does that. ONLY FOR MVC5 Identity!
THIS API WILL NOT BE UPDATED YOU CAN USE 'RiotGamesApi.AspNetCore' RIOTGAMES V3 API for .Net Core 1.1 project
MVC5 Encrypt parameter Demo at
扩展常用的 Bootstrap 控件在 Mvc 下的支持。
ORM Lite For Access SQL Using .Net Framework
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Helpers for USGS VWE MVC5 projects.
Mango helping you for create mvc application
A lightweight MVC5 profiler with no database nor ORM dependency
ASP.NET MVC5 多主题模板解决方案