Top 20 NuGet logging Packages

Interface that will be used for the logging wrapper used by Add-in X
Log4net log writer for the Appliccation Insights abstraction Playtime222.Logging
Application Insights log writer for the Application Insights abstraction Playtime222.Logging
Logrila is a simple logging adapter.
ITCC Logging Class Library
Nameless framework logging extra assembly.
Logging for AppInsights
Provides an NLog based implementation of the loggers in Nuclei.Diagnostics.
Extensions for NLog.
Logging extensions for supporting Log4net logging in AspNetCore.
Implements LogOutput from AppFiber.Net.Logging.Core to output to RabbitMQ.
SmartSql V2.0 obsolete SmartSql.Logging.NLog using DI injection.
Customized Serilog periodic batch sink for sending log to Accelist Central Log System using HTTP POST.
Consider this a bridge solution until the big gun loggers like Log4Net or NLog catch up with .Net Core/Standard 2.0 Provides the most basic functionality of logging for .Net Standard 2.0 and .Net Core 2.0 projects. The project allows logging to a file or the console, with timestamps, and with the m...
Provides an ETW EventSource analyzer build on .Net Standard 2.0.
Simple convenient methods to create and write info to Windows and file logs.
Sentry target for NLog with additional Deduplication rules (by stack trace user frame and filename)
OneCode.Logging is a lightweight logging library for .NET Standard. It can be used in any .NET applications, including Xamarin. UWP, ASP.NET, WPF, .NET Core for Linux, etc. OneCode.Logging makes it easy to produce high-quality logs for your application.
Provides an ETW EventSource analyzer build on .Net Standard 2.0.
Proactive NetStandard package