Top 20 NuGet logging Packages

Logging for Team Health application using NLog
Package Description
Elastic Logging with the ELK stack (.NET Framework 4.5)
Provides AutoAlert logging infrastructure components for the .NET Core platform
Package Description
Business Logging uses the UDP 514 protocol to send specific business log messages to a Business Logging service
Initial Version of PRe.WebAPI.Logging.
Contains the core Microsoft Enterprise Library 3.1 application blocks: Caching; Data; Logging; and Exception Handling
DD4T Logger Implementation with Log4Net
EasyLib is a C# library containing many useful classes for common needs.
Sitecore Diagnostics Tool Logging abstraction
Debug helper logging utility by SmartIT -John Kocer
Debug helper logging utility
Awesome application logging utility
Nuci logging utility
Debug helper logging utility
Allows to configure log level of an Serilog.ILogger at runtime.
Allows to configure log level of an Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.ILogger at runtime.
Debug helper logging utility
Application logging utility