Top 20 NuGet logger Packages

A library for generating logger classes from interfaces at run-time
A modern high performance cross platform wrapper around Log4Net.
The easiest logging library to use to send log messages to syslog, the console, or the file system. It's. REALLY. Easy.
A minimal Microsoft.Extensions.Logging provider for test frameworks such as MSTest, xUnit and NUnit.
.Net platfroms log service. Your logs write local file, bacup local and post remote server.
Plisky Diagnostics Library - featuring Bilge and Piffle, offering comprehensive trace and error handling facilities to applications.
Outputs events to the XMPP network using XEP-0337.
ILogger that structures and groups logs together and stores them in RavenDB. Makes your logs easy to reason about.
A library to log request and response data in the format of morgan for NodeJS
Base logger for the WorkflowServer and DWKit.
The Waher.Events.Persistence project creates an even sink that stores incoming (logged) events in the local object database, as defined by Waher.Persistence. Event life time in the database is defined in the constructor. Searches can be made for historical events.
NLog Logger for GridGain Ignite
log4net Logger for GridGain Ignite
A lightweight yet feature-rich file logger implementation for the Microsoft.Extensions.Logging framework. Please note that version 3 is not backward compatible with previous versions! Refer to the project site for information about upgrading.
Allow you to interface with digital IO hardware, and a large number of sensors. Including features to upload to web chart
Simple logger
Easy Serilog usage
Listeners to support the Plisky Diagnostic Library.
A singleton logging component. Simple to use, lots of flexibility. Writes to a user-specified log and path, and optionally sends email. Can also write logs to a SQL Server database, with optional audit log. T-SQL files included. For .NET Core 2.0+, .NET Standard 2.0+, .NET Framework 4.6.1+