Top 20 NuGet log Packages

Store Audit.NET Trail Logs into a SQL Server database
Generate detailed Audit Logs for Web API Controller calls.
Generate Audit Logs from EntityFramework context changes
Generate detailed Audit Logs for AspNet Core Web API Controller calls.
Store Audit.NET Trail Logs into an Azure Document DB database
Generate detailed Audit Logs for MVC Controller actions.
Store Audit.NET Logs into an Azure Blob Storage
Generate Audit Logs by intercepting operation calls on any class without changing its code.
Redistributable components for package 'PostSharp.Patterns.Diagnostics'. This package should only be installed as a dependency. (This is not the package you are looking for).
Log exception details and custom properties that are not output in Exception.ToString().
Catel.Core library.
NLog is a logging platform for .NET with rich log routing and management capabilities. NLog supports traditional logging, structured logging and the combination of both. Supported platforms: - .NET Framework 3.5, 4, 4.5, 4.6 & 4.7 - .NET Standard 1.3+ and 2.0+; - .NET Framework 4 client profile - ...
Rollbar collects errors that happen in your application, notifies you, and analyzes them so you can debug and fix them.
Exceptionless client for portable applications. Exceptionless is a cloud based error reporting service that sends your exceptions to and provides aggregated views and analytics.
An extensible framework to audit executing operations in .NET and .NET Core.
Use NLog with the ASP.NET Core platform. Adds helpers and layout renderers for websites and webapplications. Supported platforms: - For ASP.NET Core 2, .NET Standard 2.0+ and .NET 4.6+ - For ASP.NET Core 1, .NET Standard 1.5+ and .NET 4.5.x
NLog provider for Microsoft.Extensions.Logging for usage in .NET Standard libraries and console applicaties. For ASP.NET Core, use NLog.Web.AspNetCore:
Pluggable foundation blocks for building distributed apps.
A lucene style query parser that is extensible and allows additional syntax features.
PostSharp.Patterns.Diagnostics: support for Log4Net.