Top 20 NuGet load Packages

Http-load testing tool.
Load test runner. Supposed to be used for fast and general check of algorithms and implementations.
Qi4CS Extension: Configuration is an extension of Qi4CS.Core that provides basic API for assembling composites that can be deserialized and serialized by ConfigurationManager, which is also provided by this extension. The configuration composites may have their location specified at assembling time ...
Qi4CS Extension: Configuration (XML) is an extension of Qi4CS.Core that further augments Qi4CS.Extensions.Configuration by adding customizable XML (de)serialization support for configuration composites.
A lightweight library to load application configuration settings into a dictionary.
Attached behaviour to focus the first control on a window load
A simple and easy to use load testing framework for .NET
A class finder that search in all libraries for determined classes or interfaces
load balancing router for distributed system
A simple library to show your users a beautiful splash page while your application loads.
Note: For Ranorex 7.2 and above use the new NeoLoad package: Package that integrates NeoLoad functionality into the Ranorex system.
Copy property values from an object to another with a easy way.
Performs fatigue load cycle analysis using Rainflow method according to ASTM E1049 standard. Currently three variants of cycle counting algorithms are implemented: "RainFlow", "Rainflow simplified" and "Range pair" counting. Usage: --------------------------------- using static Fatigue.RainFlow; ...
Domain transfer objects for administrating Scylla
A small and cross-platform c# library that allows you to store millions of files as file system structure
The Engine relies on a set of Registries of Generated Code for purposes of determining whether re-generation ought to occur.
This package includes the GlutCli runner of the Glut web load-testing framework.
Fixtures for testing CPQ Configurator
Source code package. An extension for logging any file load exceptions that occur when the given IConfigurationBuilder is loading files.
This is a small .Net Standard library/helper to provide greatly simplified convenience methods for dynamically finding, filtering, and initializing classes based on Custom Attributes.