Top 20 NuGet libraries Packages

HwApp Serilog using Seq
Xamarin Binding Libraries of MobileDocs SDK for Xamarin iOS and Android
Entity Framework Repository shared contract library
Common utilities for .Net.
Easy to use library for computing math formulas, mean and proportion. Is a basis of Rychusoft.NumericalLibraries. var calc = new Calculator("8^2+5-cos(2*PI)"); var result = calc.Compute(); // result = 68"
Easy to use library for computing derivative and function value at given point. var derivative = new Derivative("x^2 + 5 - cos(2 * PI * x)"); var result = derivative.ComputeDerivative(1); // result = 2
Easy to use library for computing differential equations. var math = new Rychusoft.NumericalLibraries.Differential.Differential(""3*x^2-5""); var result = math.ComputeDifferential(4, 2, 0); // result = 46
Easy to use library for computing zero (root) of a function. var math = new FunctionRoot.Hybrid("(x+1)^2-9", 0, 1.5); var result = math.ComputeHybrid(); // result = 2
Library for computing linear equations
Practices and patterns library
Parsing libraries such as csv and fuzzy matching
Este pacote é parte do pacote SoftmakeAll.SDK Este pacote fornece apoio para a construção de bibliotecas instaláveis no Softmake All.
LightInject dependency injection common library. Based on LightInject
Dependency injection contract common library
A collection of WPF code.
Cedita Common Libraries with several utilities for developing .NET Applications both portable and non-portable. Note that portable libraries contain a subset of functionality available on all platforms.
A collection of useful, reusable Extension Methods for C#
Set of Bessel's functions for Rychusoft.NumericalLibraries suite