Top 20 NuGet json Packages

Json.NET is a popular high-performance JSON framework for .NET
Stimulsoft Reports.Web for .NET Core is a reporting tool designed to create and render reports in Web using native .NET Core report engine. Stimulsoft Reports.Web will provide the complete cycle of report designing, from creating report templates and ending with showing them in a web browser. All th...
Faster than Any Binary?
JSON Schema reader, generator and validator for .NET
TweetMoaSharp is a fast, clean wrapper around the Twitter API. Based on the original TweetSharp.
JSON Schema reader, generator and validator for .NET
WampSharp Newtonsoft.Json support
NEST 6.x uses an internalized Json.NET serializer. This package enables serialization using your own custom Json.NET serializer
The Couchbase authored new and improved client for .NET based languages! Package supports both .NET Core and Full Frameworks 4.5.2 and greater.
A cross-platform .NET portable library that implements the JSON-RPC wire protocol and can use System.IO.Stream or WebSocket so you can use it with any transport.
GraphQL for .NET
JsonRpc Rpc Client Nethereum provider
Nethereum JsonRpc.Client core library to use in conjunction with either the JsonRpc.RpcClient, the JsonRpc.IpcClient or other custom Rpc provider
JSON Schema reader, generator and validator for .NET
A Bridge.NET implementation of the popular Json.NET framework
A fluent, portable, testable HTTP client library.
A C# implementation of Concise Binary Object Representation (CBOR), a general-purpose binary data format defined in RFC 7049.
Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration (appsettings.json) support for Serilog.
JSON Schema reader, generator and validator for .NET
A toolset for authorizing access to graph types for GraphQL .NET