Top 20 NuGet iot Packages

Fitbit API client for .NET
Supports the Navio autopilot shield for Raspberry Pi 2, 3 and compatible hardware running the Microsoft Windows 10 IoT OS.
ASP.NET Core Identity Provider with DocumentDB and Table Storage backend for LagoVista IoT and Device Framework
User, Organization and Location Management API for LagoVista IoT and Device Framework
Brainboxes Extension for MultiPlug
Contains classes to facilitate the uplink to the Calculus cloud.
ANT Industrial Studio Commons Library
Core files for an MultiPlug update
Base types for MultiPlug .Net Edge Computing Platform
Contains metering nodes for IP-based nodes. Allows monitoring of devices in an IP network using ICMP, by pinging hosts.
Provides management capabilities for Microsoft Azure IoT Device Provisioning Service.
Contains theme files for the Cactus Rose theme.
Contains theme files for the Gothic Peacock theme.
Driver for the BH1745 digital color sensor. Covers all available operations on this sensor.
USB2.0 to I2C Drivers for FT4222.
USB2.0 to I2C/IO Board Drivers for DIO-8/4RE-UBC.
This preview package provides a set of Device Bindings that use System.Device.Gpio package to communicate with a microcontroller.
uPLibrary is an helper library composed of managed drivers for common hardware that you can interface to your .Net Micro Framework board and some other useful components
A library that allows to easily interact with Windows 10 IoT Core features like GPIO, I2C and SPI devices.