Top 20 NuGet inversionofcontrol Packages

Castle Windsor is best of breed, mature Inversion of Control container available for .NET.
Castle Windsor logging facility lets you easily inject loggers into your components. It offers integration with most popular 3rd party logging frameworks like log4net, NLog and Serilog (see Castle Core docs).
Castle Windsor WCF Integration facility enables integration with Windows Communication Foundation. It makes services and WCF proxies available as services in your application, lets you use non-default constructor and inject dependencies into your services, adds ability to easily set up your services...
Castle Windsor system web facility lets you easily add windsor to legacy aspnet web apps.
Castle Windsor ASP.NET Core facility lets you easily add windsor to aspnet core apps.
Allows to use Castle Windsor as a container using IServiceProvider
Castle Windsor WebApi facility lets you easily add windsor to aspnet webapi apps.
Castle Windsor Mvc facility lets you easily add windsor to aspnet mvc web apps.
Provides ability for the components to be created by factory objects. You can use it to register things like HttpContext in the container. This facility is mostly targeted towards legacy applications.
Whatever the framework, component composition works the same way: you have interfaces and concrete implementations and you need to map one against the other. The Endjin Composition Framework helps you work smarter, not harder by making component composition simple. This framework supports .NET 4.0, ...
Castle Windsor event wiring facility provides ability to wire up classes exposing events to classes consuming them.
Provides ability to expose or consume components from another AppDomain using .NET Remoting.
Integrates with synchronization elements of .NET framework (like ISynchronizeInvoke interface, SynchronizationContext), ensures components that inherit Control get created on UI thread etc.
Assign Microsoft unity to the BoC IOC abstraction layer
CommonServiceLocator adapter for Castle Windsor and MicroKernel (Signed)
Assign Ninject to the BoC IOC abstraction layer
Assign SimpleInjector to the BoC IOC abstraction layer
Thin Di Abstraction implemented with SimpleInjector
Assign DryIoC to the BoC IOC abstraction layer