Top 20 NuGet interface Packages

Enables WebApi projects to use XSerializer for its xml serialization.
Light-weight, portable logging interface. Combine with PortableLog adapters for logging frameworks or write your own.
Wire up your logging with the NLog logging framework.
A utility to automatically generate the wrapper class and return to you the wrapped object that implements your interface.
NView.Controls contains several controls for the cross platform user interface libary NView.
A simple and lightweight maintenance interface for .NET applications. You can use MaintFace to view information about and interact with your application.
Interface Interceptor Proxy Type generator that implement an interface, and proxy calls to defined with attribute methods via defined intercepting handlers
Simple-to-use interface proxying library for C#
Find and control VLC media players across a network using their HTTP interfaces.
Extensions for the Proxii library to easily hook into NLog
This package contains libraries needed to facilitate the setup of an iCalendar server using the Service Stack V3 web services framework.
A user interface controls library for WPF
Psythyst CodeGenerator Interface(s)
A library that implements piping of subsequent methods, including the possibility of if-branching and combining pipes together.
Validate implementation of PipeBase. Overrides the default Option implementation (see: for default piping.
.NET Standard v1.3 interface for module development on Azure IoT Edge.
FlagConsole is a library for .NET, written in C#, which helps to build text-based console application interfaces. It provides controls like panel, textfield, list view, menu, rectangle, line, and label.
Interface for enabling a class to expose his unique identity. Generally a primary key.
Advanced Windows Forms controls
Core interfaces for Libraries