Top 20 NuGet integration Packages

The assemblies needed to run a XSockets.NET server on .NET/Mono
Package Description
A package for API testing using a fluent api.
Common AngularJs Selenium extensions. Part of RobustHaven.IntegrationTests
camm Integration Portal (based on camm Web-Manager) for Web Applications
PayFast Integration Library
Integration to MongoDB
Intel MKL native libraries for Math.NET Numerics on Linux.
This package installs the core ELEFLEX component. ELEFLEX is a platform for building modular, domain-driven, service-oriented applications and services.
Intel MKL native libraries for Math.NET Numerics on Windows.
Start Redis from .NET for integration tests. Contains redis runtime embedded in the dll.
StatLight: Tool for executing Silverlight test xap packages or dll assemblies locally during development and in a continuous integration environment.
Data transformation and anaytics library - Azure Storage Table and FlatFile Storage
Midori includes a number of helpers for common functionality needed during builds, including: * Sql - Create dbs with SMO, execute SQL scripts, backup / restore and copy MDBs. Ship MDBs as part of a build, or run intgration tests against a fresh DB. * HipChat - send notifications ...
Reusables modules used in the aid of a .NET build and release cycle
OpenBLAS native libraries for Math.NET Numerics.
SeleniumExtensions part of the RobustHaven.IntegrationTests
Azure ServiceFabric integration support for Castle Windsor
Integration to Rebus platform.
Integration to Serilog logging.