Top 20 NuGet ienumerable Packages

The "classy" way to filter collections.
Helper methods for operating on objects of type IEnumerable.
Provides collection-related convenience/helper methods.
iTin Export Engine Core, contains a tab-separated values (txt), comma-seprated values (csv), XML spreadsheet 2003 (xml) and SQL Script (sql) native writers
わたしが欲しいと思った適当な機能たち for C#
LINQ-like helpers and extension methods for IEnumerable. Type filters, Option-type conversions, flattening enumerables, fast single-element enumerables, and others.
my useful extension methods Of IEnumerable.
The framework BitArray is helpful but it has a serious flaw in the fact that it is not immutable. This is the primary motivation for working on this package in order to achieve just such an ImmutableBitArray. Reflexive operations can modify an instance but otherwise bitwise operations should yield a...
Nice LINQ extensions.
Useful IEnumerable extension methods.
Linq extensions for ordered sequences. Provides better perfomance in comparison to standard extensions. Provides Concat, Distinct, Except, GroupBy, Intersect, Join, GroupJoin and Union.
SeedPacket adds a .seed() method onto IEnumerable for quickly seeding data. Similar to a LINQ extension, it populates lists with realistic data. Ex: var mylist = new List<Item>().Seed(). It is easy to use, with a customizable, and powerful rules engine that keys off the datatype or interface, and ...
Extensions to transform IEnumerable into other generic collection types, including async versions.
included all my useful extension methods.
IEnumerable ForEach extension methods.
IAsyncEnumerable interface definition, and some LINQ function for it
Extension methods galore
Converts IEnumerables into Datatables for easy binding.
Extension methods for IEnumerable<T>, including ForEach(), Apply() operators, Around(), Mask(), SkipLast(), TakeLast(), TakeWhileAndNext(), FirstOrEmpty(), Permutations(), Interleave() operators, NotOf() (type-removing) operators and more.
Provides a simple set of list based extensions for Stack operation.