Top 20 NuGet httpclient Packages

Tool that allows you to extend the capabilities of Microsoft.AspNetCore.TestHost.TestServer, allowing you to run more comprehensive + deterministic tests by: - intercepting Http calls, returning mock responses - asserting outgoing Http calls - recording outgoing Http calls (requests and responses), ...
Generate detailed Audit Logs for HttpClient instances.
CelloSaaS Multi-Tenant SaaS Application Development Framework Libraries
This package creates a HttpClient and executes provided baseUrl in ApiInvoker constructor and a deserilized response object will be returned of generic Type T. All existing request headers will be passed as it is while executing baseUrl. We will have to inject IHttpContextAccessor dependency in Http...
Implementation for Http using default system implementation
An HTTP Client handler that caches successful responses and replays them for improving the stability of your testing environment and speeding up your test suite.
This library is a fork of Microsoft.Extensions.Http. It provides the basic HttpMessageHandler rotation functionality without any dependencies. Commonly used types: System.Net.Http.IHttpClientFactory
An assembly containing class[es] for managing and using singleton instances of reentrant objects.
An authentication handler for HttpClient.