Top 20 NuGet htmlhelper Packages

HtmlHelper.Extended provides several useful extension methods used in ASP.NET MVC razor scripts.
Provides ViewDataDictionary extensions to help add metadata to your html elements
This package includes the extension methods for CheckBoxList in ASP.NET MVC, offering the similar way of handling the model binding as the other ASP.NET MVC types.
Provides HtmlHelpers for the FontAwesome CSS framework.
This Html Helper leverages the default model binder in ASP.NET Core 1.0 and higher to materialize viewmodel collection properties from an HTTP POST. It will also work with ASP.Net Core on .Net Framework 4.6.
A MVC/Web Api action filter library for maintenance message handling.
A MVC/Web Form library for browser timezone detection. The goal is to provide simple way to auto detect browser timezone and display browser time.
Provides HtmlHelpers and AspNetCore Mvc TagHelpers for the FontAwesome CSS framework.
Gravatars are world-renowned avatar images that follow you to where you post, blog or from your apps. GravatarHelper.AspNetMVC.lib is a library class that allows you to generate your image using HTML Help.
An extension for MVC HtmlHelper class to create POSTable checkbox list on a view, based on the data passed from the view model, or defined locally.
Demonstration of NuGet package that adds a couple of HtmlHelper methods to your project. It uses templating to change the name of a class and modify the appropriate web.config sections. This will be used for an upcoming speaking session. For a great pluralization library capable of pluralizing phra...
Library of web tools for ASP.NET MVC
Generate the recaptcha for your form and validated it. 1-create Account in google recaptcha 2-get publickey/privatekey 3-set key in webconfig : ReCaptchaPrivateKey / ReCaptchaPublicKey 4- add "@using GenRecaptcha" in your View 5- add htmlhelper in the view: 5-1- @Html.recaptcha() 5-2- @Html.Va...
Core library for SessionMessages Modal dialog/StatusBar notifications.
.NET 4 framework library of additional MVC Html Helper controls. Documentation available at: Issues and bug tracker available at: NuGet pac...
Asp.Net MVC HtmlHelper method for creating links generating a modal CRUD actions using Jquery and Ajax with MVC Juste use as example: @Html.ActionModalLink(Url.Action("IndexPartial", "documents"), Url.Action("Edit", "documents",new { id = item.IdDocument }),null, null, ActionType...
HTML Helpers for Salford Design Language
Helper Class and Extensions DateTime,ShamsiDate,Enum,HttpContent,HttpRequest,List,ModelState,Random,Encryption,HtmlHelper
Helper Class and Extensions for DotNetStandard DateTime,ShamsiDate,Enum,HttpContent,HttpRequest,List,ModelState,Random,Encryption,HtmlHelper