Top 20 NuGet globalization Packages

Provides localized time zone names.
LocalizationExtension is a really easy way to localize any type of DependencyProperties or native Properties on DependencyObjects
This library provides the ASP.NET specific components to the Westwind.Globalization library. It contains the ASP.NET Resource Providers (DbResourceSimpleProvider, DbResourceProvider), the JavaScript Resource Handler to serve ASP.NET resources to JavaScript client, the on-line Resource editor to allo...
A .Net standard library which provides logging, mailing, convertion and base repository classes.
Smart internationalization for ASP.NET-based web applications. The i18n library is designed to replace the use of .NET resources in favor of an easier, globally-recognized standard for localizing ASP.NET-based web applications. Supports ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, ASP.NET WebMatrix / Web Pages and...
Json Localizer library for .NetStandard and .NetCore projects
Easy support for ISO-3166 country codes in .NET framework and .netstandard 2.0
Globalize provides number formatting and parsing, date and time formatting and parsing, currency formatting, message formatting (ICU message format pattern), and plural support. Globalize is based on the Unicode Consortium's Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR), the largest and most extensive standa...
Express localization settings package for dotnet core web appliations. Localize (Views, DataAnnotations, ModelBinding, IdentityErrors, Client side validation errors and scripts) and add RouteValueRequestCultureProivder with one clean step.
West Wind Globalization provides database localization providers for .NET 4.5+ and .NET Core 2+. This package also contains a number of Localization helpers to import and convert Resx resources, provide easy locale switching. Supported Db providers: Sql Server, SqLite, MySql. For use in Web a...
XLocalizer package for localization of Asp.Net Core web applications, powered by online translation and auto resource creating.
AKSoftware.Localization.MultiLanguages is a .NET library that allows .NET developers to build applications that targets multiple languages very easy just with few lines of code
Provides cached instances of CultureInfo using a generated list of known culture names for use in scenarios where unbounded CultureInfo creation is undesirable.
Database provider for ExpressLocalization.
Added DotNet Core 3.0 support to this project by changing targetFramework and adding Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.NewtonsoftJson package. Provides ASP.NET Core specific features to the Westwind.Globalization library, including IStringLocalizer interfaces, JavaScript Resource handler and an on-line Reso...
An extendable package that provides simple interface for online translation services.
LocalizeTagHelper for XLocalizer.
Interface for managing localization with XLocalizer package and ability to use online translation tools.
Database provider for XLocalizer.