Top 20 NuGet glimpse Packages

Sitecore Glimpse WebForms
This package contains a plugin for Neo4jClient to show query information in a tab.
Sitecore plugin for Glimpse
Adds SQL statements generated by NHibernate to the Glimpse SQL tab.
A simple login policy for Glimpse to protect your site in production
LightNode(as Micro REST/RPC Framework) Profiler for Glimpse.
A plugin for Glimpse to show Unity registrations.
Glimpse support for ADOMD components
An extension for Glimpse that provides diagnostic information for the Castle Windsor inversion of control container.
Demo can be found here Usage: Link to jquery, toastr.css, toastr.js, glimpse.js and glimpse.toastr.js <script src="jquery.js"></script> <script src="toastr.js"></script> <script src="glimpse.js"></script> <script src="glimpse.toastr.js"></script> Use toastr $(...
Adds a Glimpse tab for RouteLocalization MVC.
A DotNetNuke plugin for the Glimpse application. Displays DotNetNuke-specific data using the Glimpse client.
Glimpse Plugin for PetaPoco
This package contains a plugin for Glimpse to show detailed MiniProfiler information in a tab.
Sitecore Glimpse MVC3
Sitecore Glimpse MVC4
Glimpse profiler for ADO.NET with using AdoNetProfiler.