Top 20 NuGet gps Packages

Premium data set for generating map data. Mapping locations, point of interests, and GPS data for your applications, UIs and databases.
ThinkGeo.MapSuite.Layers.Gpx is based on .NET Framework. If you are interested in a .NET Core version of Gpx, please reference ThinkGeo.Core as it is integrated into it. ThinkGeo.MapSuite.Layers.Gpx is a layer extension to the Map Suite product line, see below for compatibility. This extension prov...
Implements a few methods of stabilization and filtration of GPS tracks.
The Shiny Core containing all of the major functionality like caching, logging, connectivity, environment, IO, power, settings, and jobs as well as many other utilities
Provides GPS location services for Crosslight development.
Shiny mocks to make your unit testing life easier
Shiny addon for all your notification needs
Shiny Locations - bringing geofencing and GPS to a background service near you!
Shiny Beacons - for those Shiny BLE things you see everywhere
A collection of mathematical function and data structures written in C#. Numerical comparison, vector geometry, polynomial, root solver, statistics, GPS and clustering, and abstract bitmap and draw functions.
Shiny addon for speech recognition on mobile platforms
Shiny addon for all imaginable sensors for your devices
Shiny addon for adding upload and download management to your app (with metrics!)
Shiny Reactive BluetoothLE Plugin for client and gatt server
Reads a stream of NMEA sentences parsing it into NMEA objects
A Content App for Umbraco which lets you see the meta data of your file such as GPS and Camera details.
Library of sparse collections and tools for working with them.
Class library containing administrative divisions and GPS coordinate processing
A Xamarin wrapper around Google Map APIs for Droid
GpsNose is a geo-based social platform. You can use this SDK to attach the user management and real-world connectivity of GpsNose to your project or website. Your users can use their mobiles to login by the QR-code at your app/web and can describe, explore and communicate in their real current geogr...