Top 20 NuGet firebird Packages

A Dapper-based multi-target .NET Standard library (.NET Standard 2.0/2.1) that can be used in projects with any .NET implementation, like .NET Framework, .NET Core, Mono, Xamarin, etc., for multi-database access (MS SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Firebird, SQLite). Usage is the same as Dappe...
ORM and LINQ Provider. Features: Auto Mapping, Generate Classes from Tables, Generate Tables from Classes, Synchronize Classes to Tables, Generic ADO.NET Wrapper, LINQ Provider support for SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, VistaDB, Firebird, SQLite, and Microsoft Access.
Firebird database integration package for ABP Framework
Supported databases: IBM DB2 LUW/zOS, Firebird, IBM Informix, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Sql Server (+Azure), Microsoft Sql Server Compact, MySql, MariaDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SAP HANA, SAP/Sybase ASE.
FreeSql 数据库实现,基于 Firebird
The PPWCode Vernacular NHibernate Firebird library version II.
Extends ADONetHelper library to Firebird
Store RDF data on Firebird with RDFSharp
LINQ to DB is a data access technology that provides a run-time infrastructure for managing relational data as objects.
Fork of the FirebirdClient - ADO.NET Data Provider from FirebirdSql. This version is built agains .NETSTANDARD 2.0. Original client:
cloudscribe database setup component for Firebird Sql
Firebird ADO.NET data provider
Snapper tool for data base connection and DML commands
Entity Framework Core provider built on top of the Firebird ADO.NET Data Provider. It enables use the Entity Framework Core 2.0 ORM with Firebird (2.x, 3.0) and Interbase.
Implementation of ILogRepository repository for FirebirdSql
SOCI was initially developed in the environment where Oracle was the main database technology in use. As a wrapper for the native OCI API (Oracle Call Interface), the name 'Simple Oracle Call Interface' was quite obvious - until the 2.0 release, when the internal architecture was largely redesigned ...
Light, simple and fast convention-based code-first POCO ORM for Firebird. Support for Creating and Dropping Table Schemas from POCOs, Complex Property types transparently stored in schemaless text blobs in Firebird.
Firebird adapter for Simple.Data framework
An AspNet Identity provider implemented with ServiceStack.OrmLite0.v3 (last version was 3.9.71). This provider can be used with all RDBMS that has a OrmLite Dialect.