Top 20 NuGet federation Packages

Thinktecture IdentityServer Core Libraries for Re-Hosting (for IdentityServer v2)
A simple client to Authenticate Users with Auth0.
WS-Trust helpers and bindings for WCF
Delegation Handler based Authentication Framework for ASP.NET Web API v2.
Embedded and easy to use WS-Federation STS for ASP.NET with minimal configuration. Can be used as a replacement for the deprecated "Identity and Access Control" Visual Studio extension.
Windows Identity Foundation enables .NET developers to externalize identity logic from their application, improving developer productivity, enhancing application security, and enabling interoperable federation. Enjoy greater productivity, applying the same tools and programming model to build on-pre...
Client library for the Auth0 API
Entity Framework 7 persistence layer for IdentityServer4 -Deprecated- Use TwentyTwenty.IdentityServer4.EntityFrameworkCore
Entity Framework Persistence Layer for the IdentityServer3 WS-Federation Plugin
Helper library for claims-based identity, System.IdentityModel, JSON Web Tokens, OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect client
IdentityServer3 Access Token Validation Integration Library for ASP.NET 5
Implementation of the Hawk authentication scheme for Web API v2 and Katana.
Entity Framework 7 persistence layer for IdentityServer3
IdentityServer3 Integration Library for ASP.NET Core
Entity Framework-based persistence layer for IdentityServer3,with MySql
Client libraries for the Auth0 Authentication and Management APIs. You can also choose to install the relevant libraries individually: * Authentication API: Install-Package Auth0.AuthenticationApi * Management API: Install-Package Auth0.ManagementApi
ASP.NET Server Side Library for The Identity Hub. The Identity Hub makes it easy to connect your app to all major identity providers like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linked In and more. For more information see
IdentityServer3 - Cache.Redis is a library that includes the implementation for client, scope, and user stores using Redis as distribuited cache system.
Plugin for adding Telerik Sitefinity Identity Provider capabilities to IdentityServer3
Entity Framework-based persistence layer for Sitefinity Relying parties on IdentityServer3