Top 20 NuGet format Packages

Basic SQL Formatter for .NET based on Hibernate BasicFormatterImpl
Corespatial.Converter is an extension of Corespatial for data format conversion
CPF / CNPJ Framework Methods that help you to check and format the special numbers of CPF and CNPJ. Help me a lot and I'm putting here to help other people. Example to use the code: CPFCNPJ.Main main = new CPFCNPJ.Main(); var formato = main.FormatCPFCNPJ("09009909000", CPFCNPJ.Enum.T...
Go global with this simple library for currency formatting, number formatting and message translation supporting a wide range of customization through custom factory implementations.
Binary Node List is a basic file format that is meant to store generic streams of data organized with keys and array indices.
A tool for organizing csproj files. Groups and sorts ItemGroups based on item type and file extension.