Top 20 NuGet extensions Packages

Library of ASP.NET web forms extensions, embedded resource hosting and HTTP Module for implementing role-based security.
A library to aid in writing unit tests for ReactiveUI projects
Library of .NET functions, extensions and components including asynchronous processing queues, configuration APIs, diagnostics, error handling, console functions, adapter framework, active directory and local account functions, checksum algorithms, unit conversion, binary parsing, cron-style task sc...
Library of base Windows Form and WPF Window extensions and dialogs, including those needed for implementing role-based security inside a Windows application.
Xamarin Forms specific extensions to ReactiveUI
WPF specific extensions to ReactiveUI
A MVVM framework that integrates with the Reactive Extensions for .NET to create elegant, testable User Interfaces that run on any mobile or desktop platform. Supports Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.Mac, Xamarin Forms, WPF, Windows Forms, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Store and Universal Windows...
GELF provider for Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.
C# and VB.NET Extension Methods | Over 1000 methods available.
Fody extension to generate RaisePropertyChange notifications for properties and ObservableAsPropertyHelper properties.
This project enhances LINQ to Objects with the following methods: Acquire, AggregateRight, Append, Assert, AssertCount, AtLeast, AtMost, Await (EXPERIMENTAL), AwaitCompletion (EXPERIMENTAL), Backsert, Batch, Cartesian, Choose, CountBetween, CompareCount, CountBy, CountDown, Consume, DistinctBy, Ends...
EntityFramework EF Core Bulk Batch Extensions for Insert Update Delete and Read (CRUD) operations on SQL Server.
A F#-friendly wrapper for the Reactive Extensions.
Cake AddIn that provides useful extensions and additional aliases for Cake.Build scripts
ReactiveUI extensions for the Android Support Library
Reactive Extensions for JavaScript libraries.
Brings the functionality of the Windows.Devices.Geolocation APIs cross-platform with support for Windows, Android and iOS.
Brings the functionality of the Windows.Storage APIs cross-platform with support for Windows, Android and iOS.
common netfx and netstandard libarary,extensions helpers and useful utilities
Brings the functionality of the Windows.Storage.Pickers APIs cross-platform with support for Windows, Android and iOS.