Top 20 NuGet event Packages

.NET Core event sourcing framework
Library containing extensions for Confluent Kafka platform
Alternative approach to web api creation. Use CQRS + ES + DDD to create reliable web apps.
Core Library for GAEventsv7
Additional persistence provider for NEventStore using SQL.
The purpose of the EventStore is to represent a series of events as a stream. NEventStore is a persistence agnostic event sourcing library for .NET. The primary use is most often associated with CQRS. This package is an implementation of a Polling Client that reads data from an EventStore.
The Semantic Logging Application Block provides a set of destinations to persist events published by a subclass of EventSource, This add-on packages adds support to persisting log entries into Elasticsearch. Persistence Plug-in for Elasticsearch. Includes Event Journal, Snapshot Store, and Query Read Journal.
ArqueBus is a .Net Standard 2.0 generic open source memory event bus.
A small, simple event aggregator implementation for .NET, SL, WP7, WP8, WinRT, Mono and Unity3d.
Additional persistence provider for NEventStore using MongoDB.
Easily compile the LESS files of your project via a (post/pre) build event command. Instructions on usage are shown during installation. Contains Node package of less.js.
A .NET Mixpanel API to add tracking to your Windows Phone, WinRT and .NET 4 apps. The complete Mixpanel API is supported (tracking events and all types of profile updates). The API also supports offline mode and bad networks: if element could not be sent, it'll be stored locally and sent later on.
The Semantic Logging Application Block provides a set of destinations (sinks) to persist application events published using a subclass of the EventSource class from the System.Diagnostics.Tracing namespace. Sinks include Azure table storage, SQL Server databases, file, console and rolling files with...
Use this for EventHub distributed partition processing. For more information please visit Please note that this package requires at least .Net Framework 4.6.2.
Interfaces and base implementation for the domain-driven design pattern, including aggregate roots, domain repositories and domain events.
Base implementation for domain repositories and domain events using the unit of work pattern.
Autofac implementation for the domain event handler resolver defined in Affecto.Patterns.Domain NuGet.
Eventing library, with support for MsSql and MySql. Ideal for implementing, eventdriven architectures, pub-sub, microservices, etc.
Use MicrosoftDependencyInjection as the IoC container for Mediator.Net