Top 20 NuGet entityframework Packages

EFConvention is a convention based extension library for Entity Framework to automate several tasks currently cumbersome to do. It allows developers to create an Entity Framework based Context without having to specify each entity by putting it as DbSet<> as property.
EFConcurrencyModeTest helps you write unit tests (for e.g. NUnit) that test whether optimistic concurrency for Entity Framework is enabled in your EDMX files.
This package contains everything you need to expose structured storage using Entity Framework as part of your .NET mobile backend hosted in Microsoft Azure. For more information, check out DEPRECATED: Azure Mobile Services is now deprecated in favor of Azure Mobil...
MiniProfiler integration for Entity Framework versions 4 and 5.
A generic Repository Pattern Entity Framework implementation for .Net.
MiniProfiler integration for Entity Framework 6 adjusted for ServiceStack
Repository pattern for Entityframework
Retrieve the primary key (including composite keys) from any entity
Allows you to use SQL Server types on a machine without SQL Server installed.
An ASP.NET Identity 3.0 provider for Entity Framework 6
EntityFramework classes and utilities
A set of helpers for Entity Framework
Orb EntityFramework Persistence assembly
Abstract code for EF repository pattern
Orb EntityFramework seed extensions
Awesome entity framework core utility
基于EF6的code first模式的快速开发框架
A testing framework that wraps around Entity Framework 7 for easily Faking DbContext and DbSets
Package Description
A helper library to specify eager fetching as one or several configurations