Top 20 NuGet entities Packages

A data access library for MongoDB with an elegant api, LINQ support and built-in entity relationship management.
OmniCX entities includes all the core entities used accross the backend applications
.NET Standard library for MongoDB entities
Repository and Unit of Work implementation using Entity Framework Core
A project to abstract entity ID's so that their underlying type (e.g., string, int, GUID) can be changed at any time with minimal code changes.
Base objects and abstractions for a new set of domain objects. Includes objects for tracking (i.e users who changed the data or created it) and Paging models in a standardized structure.
UnitOfWork for Microservices. All microservices in the system should and can use Unit of Work pattern. This package implements this pattern.
Cloning entities using EntityFrameworkCore configuration
Repository and Unit of Work abstractions
Reliable unique ID generation for distributed applications. This package provides highly tuned tools for ID generation and management. Auto-increment IDs reveal sensitive information. UUIDs (also known as GUIDs) are inefficient as primary keys in a database. Having two different IDs is cumbersome ...
Middle layer framework to compose functions such as "clone", "compare", "serialize" etc using "navigation expressions" and provide some abstractions missed in standard framework ("repository", "buffered conditional logging", etc.).
EntityFramework extensions for the Architect.Identities package. Use DbContext-based connections for the Fluid ID generator: public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services) { services.AddPooledDbContextFactory<ExampleDbContext>(context => context.UseSqlServer("ConnectionString")); ...
A lightweight generic entities cacheable repository using Dapper
Azure-based implementations for the Architect.Identities package. This package allows Azure blob storage to be used as the synchronization mechanism for assigning unique IDs to each application instance. services.AddIdGenerator(generator => generator.UseAzureBlobStorageContainer(new BlobContainerC...
Mobiroller All EF Database Entities
Nexo Common Library é um pacote de componentes de uso geral para acelar e padronizar o desenvolvimento de aplicações .NET.
Nexo Common Library Model é um pacote de componentes de Modelos de Domínio de uso geral para acelerar e padronizar o desenvolvimento de Modelos conhecidos.
Framework Domain Entities Base
A provider that allows tracing Entity Framework queries and updates.
A specification library for Rochas.DapperRepository implementation