Top 20 NuGet efcore Packages

DbContext serialization infrastructure for Entity Framework Core
Adds extension methods to an EntityFrameworkCore.DbContext to perform a SQL MERGE between a DbContext Entity and another table.
Provides the UnitOfWork pattern for Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.
Provides the Repository pattern for Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.
Provides the QueryBuilder pattern for Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.
Provides AutoHistory utilities for Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.
Essence.EntityFrameworkCore provides extensions to the Entity Framework Core for Audits and more. Continually updated with new features and bugfixes as necessary, commercially supported from Cedita.
PGroonga extension for Npgsql.EntityFrameworkCore.PostgreSQL (PostgreSQL / Npgsql Entity Framework Core provider). It enable the ability to do full text search, especially Chinese, Japanese, and so on, with EntityFramework Core, PostgreSQL and Groonga.
This Library Contains Infrastructures that Related to ASP.NET Core and EFCore
This Library Contains Infrastructures Like Resource Locking or Numbering that They are Related to EFCore and SqlServer
Handle database errors easily when working with Entity Framework Core. Catch specific exceptions such as UniqueConstraintException, CannotInsertNullException, MaxLengthExceededException, NumericOverflowException or ReferenceConstraintException instead of generic DbUpdateException
ASP.Net Core package to assist with JWT authentication/authorization for Web API when using Entity Framework Core Identity
(This package has been deprecated. Use AutoMapper.AspNetCore.OData.EFCore.) Creates LINQ expressions from ODataQueryOptions and executes the query.
Easily perform temporal queries on your favourite database by using Entity Framework Core
The Core library contains all base interfaces and tools. You should install at least one other CacheManager package to get cache handle implementations.
Shared design-time components for Entity Framework Core tools.
An extension for EntityFrameworkCore that provides Auditing, Concurrency Checks, JSON Complex Types and writing history to Transaction Log.
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