Top 20 NuGet dynamicweb Packages

Dynamicweb 9 package that provides the data access API
Dynamicweb 9 package responsible for authorization, impersonation and user management
Contains API used for running scheduled tasks
Contains the API used for implementation of indexing, querying and storing of settings related to the search engine
Dynamicweb 9 package containing the Logging API
Dynamicweb 9 package containing the Extensibility API
Data Integration
Dynamicweb 9 package containig The Environment API
Caching API
Dynamicweb main API
Configuration API
Core API containing contracts and system-wide base objects
Contains API for working with smart searches
Dynamicweb 9 package the CMS Content Management System (WCMS) - Administration.
Dynamicweb 9 package containing task management API and logging extensions
Dynamicweb 9 package containing the Image handling API
API for moving content from one installation to another
Contains API for data processing activities and consents