Top 20 NuGet dynamic Packages

使用roslyn方案打造高性能动态代码,包括动态构建,动态调用,深度克隆,实体快照,远程调用等。(Use Roslyn to create efficient dynamic code. Including dynamic build, dynamic call, deep clone, entity snapshot, remote call and so on.)
Dynamic Type Generator For .NET
Dynamic Multiple Column Searching and Sorting for Jquery DataTables Asp.Net Core Server Side
aop,emit dynamic proxy,il
Package Description
ASP.NET Core Dynamic Restful WebApi. Generating WebApi from Classes. Such as: Direct Generation of WebApi Based on Business Logic Layer.
This is a ModelBinder designed to consume a http request and dynamically build a json serializable object for the Kendo UI Grid datasource. AutoMapper is used to support mapping from ViewModel <> Entity.
Dynamically applies filtering, sorting, paging, and selecting (projection) to IEnumerable, IQueryable, and DbSet objects using a JSON-friendly spec. See EDennis.NetCore.LinqTools.Tests for examples.