Top 20 NuGet Duality Packages

The Duality editor.
Defines the editor integration of the dependent core tilemap plugin.
The Duality engine core.
The default editor backend layer for Duality. It uses OpenGL WinForms controls to integrate game views with editor UI.
A sample project to show how to use Tilemaps.
A user interface for conveniently managing Duality packages.
Provides basic infrastructure for the Duality editor, such as PropertyEditors and Importers.
Displays the contents of the current Scene hierarchically and allows editing the Scene graph.
Displays the content of the primary text logs of Duality.
The default launcher application for Duality games.
A basic Camera View editor module.
Provides an overview of project Resources and allows importing new Assets.
The default audiovisual backend layer for Duality. It uses OpenGL and OpenAL, as provided by OpenTK.
Allows editing the properties of selected objects.
The Help Advisor editor module provides mouseover information on documented topics.
Defines helper classes to retain backwards compatibility with older Duality versions.
Defines core Resources and Components for using tilemaps with Duality.
This package contains a small coop game for one to two players, controlled with mouse / keyboard and gamepads. Recommended to play with stereo audio at full volume.
Contains the external Duality API documentation help files. This is not required for in-editor documentation, but rather an external reference.
The default system backend layer for Duality. It uses regular .Net Framework classes, as are available on desktop platforms.