Top 20 NuGet docx Packages

Aspose for Cloud is a cloud-based document generation, conversion and automation platform for developers. Aspose for Cloud’s REST APIs gives developers on all platforms total control over documents and file formats. It interoperates seamlessly with other cloud services.
This package is just a redistribution the awesome pandoc tool. See for all the formats and options.
Using the IFilter interface to extract text from various document types. This package is not uploaded by the author, just fill the gap. You can vist author's article:
Document builders
PDF to MS Word (DOCX) converter. Example: byte[] docx = Freeware.Pdf2Docx.Convert(pdf);
Convert your docx to html string. Just use DocxToHtml.Docx.ConvertToHtml function. Note: we can't convert shapes.
A .NET library to convert HTML to Word files (.doc or .docx). For more info, please visit or mail us at
A .NET class library that converts HTML to Word files (.doc or .docx) by calling the HTMLToWordConverter external API. For API testing and documentation, you can visit You can also mail us at