Top 20 NuGet discovery Packages

Enum extension for swagger model
Bonjour support for .NET Standard 2.0, .NET Core, .NET Framework, Xamarin, and UWP
Simple automatic (local) network discovery in C#
Extends Swashbuckle with OData v4 support! Supports both WebApi and OData controllers!
.NET Standard implementation of Simple Service Discovery Protocol (with AV transport service control point sample)
Allows you to customize your swagger documentation using code, including support for providing multiple examples for responses and parameters.
Core components for Swashbuckle - a Swagger toolchain for ASP.NET Core
Seamlessly adds a Swagger to WebApi projects!
a "Component Discovery" - Framework which supports the dynamically load of assemblies and types (like providers etc.) including a multi dimensional, classification- / clearance-based mandatory access control for components
Microphone.Nancy Class Library
Utility methods for finding types at runtime.
ServiceStack plugin that supports service discovery and request uri resolution using Consul
Nanophone Consul registry host
Nanophone Nancy registry tenant
Nanophone Web Api registry tenant
Nanophone in-memory registry host
Nanophone extension for eBay fabio
Nanophone aspnetcore application services
A XEP-0030 (Service-Discovery) implementation.
Microphone.Etcd Class Library