Top 20 NuGet devexpress Packages

The `CloneMemberValue` module will help you to selectively `clone` Bussiness object `members`.
The `ViewEditMode` module controls the DetailView.ViewEditMode.
The `HideToolBar` package uses the the `IModelListView.HideToolBar` attribute to hide the toolbar.
The `ProgressBarViewItem` package integrates a UI progress for long running tasks.
The `ModelMapper` allows to control all XAF components from the application model.
The `RefreshView` module refreshes the View datasource periodically.
The `Reactive.Logger` module monitors calls to the RX delegates OnNext, OnSubscribe, OnDispose, OnCompleted, OnError
The `Reactive` module provides a XAF DSL API for functional/stateless implementations.
The `ModuleViewInheritance` changes the default Model View generation without coding.
The `CloneModelView` package generated additional default design time model views.
SenDev XAF Dashboards platform agnostic module
Xaf ApplicationServer platform agnostic library
All platform agnostic packages. Use this package to minimize dependency efforts.
The `SuppressConfirmation` suppresses ObjectViews modification confirmations.
The `MasterDetail` module can help you create platform agnostic master detail `XAF` views using only the Model Editor.
The `AutoCommit` package can be used to enable specific autocommit scenarios by setting the `IModelObjectView.AutoCommit`.
The `GridListEditor` module hosts features related to XAF GridListEditor.