Top 20 NuGet design Packages

DrON port of ASP.NET Boilerplate
DrON port of ASP.NET Boilerplate
Fluent Design System for WPF
NRepository.EntityFramework is a generic repository library with a strong focus on CQRS.
Dynamically generated forms and dialogs in WPF
An opensource library written on C#. It contains a lot of useful things.
Package Description
Reuse is a toolkit that makes easier for you to implement specific MVVM and cross-platform patterns that you reuse oftenly across Windows Phone and Windows Store apps. Built using the building blocks of MVVM Light and leveraging as much as possible Portable Class Libraries.
Many Google Material Design Controls for iOS native application
Projac provides lightweight infrastructure for authoring projections.
Nido Framework is developed on top of MS .NET entity framework, and also heavily influenced by the code first technique. The framework provides a standard method of coding your business logic layer as well as data access layer. That allows you to have much predictable, standard, and best performing ...
Autofac implementation for the domain event handler resolver defined in Affecto.Patterns.Domain NuGet.
Signed Xamarin Android Support Library - Design assemblies for Intersoft Crosslight.
A Blazor component used for translating markdown into sanitized HTML.
A Blazor component updates the HTTP Client for use with server side validation.
A Blazor component that utilizes the EXCSLA.Shared.Infrastructure.AlertService
A Blazor UI component for organizing access to destinations and other functionality in the app.
A Blazor UI component for containing items such as the application title, navigation icon, and action items.