Top 20 NuGet deserialize Packages

A library to make xml serialization and deserialization easy.
A helper library for serializing and deserializing types in Units.NET using Json.NET.
Средства сериализации для FluorineFX.
A helper for .NET platform that makes RESTful API calls easier than ever.
High level services that will help you manipulate stock data. StocksFileProvider, StocksDeserializer, StocksBulkDeserializer
Alternative binary serializer to protobuf-net and it has comparable speed and size.
Easy coding of Xml. This NuGet package adds Xml features, such as Pretty, Linearize, serialize, deserialize, etc.
This package contains the necessary components to read logging components from json configuration files.
Serializer/Deserializer Binary, JSON and XML messages indeded to be sent over a wire.
This package contains the serialization framework for serializing WaterLogged logging components.
The wrappers and extensions methods for protobuf
A simplified Generic method to GET or POST JSON using HTTP, & get it deserialized or serialized into the Object of specified type. Example: Sample sample = new JsonHttpClient<Sample>("http://localhost:10000/api/values").Deserialize();
HaveBoxJSON is a among the fastest of JSON Libs for .NET. HaveBoxJSON is dedicated to only serialize and deserialize JSON, and it does it faster than most other JSON libs. HaveBoxJSON is not bloated with unnecessary features, and therefor it is only a fraction in size compared to leading competitor...
This is a library for serializing and deserializing an excel file to/from an object list
An easy way to parse XML or JSON to Objects.
Simple XML serialization library
Simple API for xml serialization and de-serialization to/from string, file or embedded resource.
This package can deserialize any String, Stream, or StreamReader (On HAL+JSON format or not) provided by a web api response. Installation: On the package console run : Install-Package HALJSonDeserializer Usage: After installation you must include the namespace of the package where you will use it:...
Deserialise an XML stream to an Object Graph of any shape in a single pass
An easy to use JSON module for .NET!