Top 20 NuGet deserialization Packages

A helper library for serializing and deserializing types in Units.NET using Json.NET.
Apache Avro serializer for .NET.
Xml, json, CSV and form url encoded serializer for .NET.
XML Serialization library for XSD 1.0 compliance (Runtime Library). Download the Liquid XML Data Binder 2020 code generator from the project page.
XML Serialization library for XSD 1.0 and 1.1 compliance (Runtime Library). Download Liquid XML Objects 2020 code generator and Visual Studio extension from the project page.
Clean & simple, idiomatic C# RegEx-based line parser. RegExtract takes a string and a regular expression template and deserializes to a provided type. Works especially well with records and tuples, but can extract to any type that provides either a `static T Parse(string)` method or a single-string...
AqlaSerializer is intended to serialize objects, not just data. What the difference? Data serializers don't care much about language runtime specifics like references, inheritance, etc. In contrast, an object serializer should take such things into account. AqlaSerializer primary goal is to suppo...
JsonApiSerializer supports configurationless serializing and deserializing objects into the json:api format (
Various extensions to power up System.Text.Json.
SerialBox is a simple serialization wrapper. It acts as a wrapper around various serialization libraries, thus giving them a common interface to deal with.
JsonFx serialization framework
An assembly for extending and/or assisting with HTTP-releated tasks.
A library for serializing ADO.NET DataTables and DataReaders into an efficient, portable binary format. Uses Marc Gravell's Google Protocol Buffers library, protobuf-net.
Serialize and deserialize any object without decoration/attributes.
Trl.Serialization aims to create a compact human readable general-purpose data representation system based on the definition of terms. These _terms_ should be familiar to any programmer because they are basically strings, numbers, and function symbols. This is exposed as a serialiser and deserialise...
Provides JSON (De-)Serialization support for Nancy using Jil.
A .NET port of BeanIO which perfectly fits into the .NET world.
The Cuemon.Serialization.Json assembly is a member of the Cuemon .NET Standard family and provides JSON serialization using the highly acclaimed Newtonsoft.Json package.
A very flexible and fast CSV serializer. You can serialize and deserialize CSV.
An ultra-fast expression-based binary serializer/deserializer using pre-emitted serializers/deserializers with support for transmitting types even if they do not exist on the other assembly.